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Rental Terms

Rate Includes

  • VAT 24%
  • Airport fees
  • Third Party Liability
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with excess
  • Theft Protection (TP) with excess
  • Unlimited kms
  • Roadside assistance

Rate Excludes

  • Delivery and collection
  • One-way fees (if applicable)
  • Out of Hours fees
  • Optional extras purchased locally
  • Ferry transfer
  • Administration fee: for damages or accident/theft/immobilization of the car, congestion charges, parking and speeding fines.

Vehicle Category/Model

Reservations are confirmed for a group and not a particular model unless specified otherwise. The vehicle shown on any documentation is for guidance only and may be substituted with an alternative, similar or upgraded vehicle at our discretion.

Vehicle Condition

Vehicle must be returned in the same condition (normal wear and tear excepted) as when rented. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly checked prior to taking custody of the vehicle. In case that the renter is not satisfied with the car, he must inform immediately the station to arrange to change it.

Loss or damage to the interior of the vehicle and damages by weather conditions due to customer’s negligence are not covered by the insurance. The renter becomes liable for all costs incurred.

Penalty for Smoking or Extra Cleaning

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the vehicle. In case of smoking in the vehicle or in case the vehicle requires excessive cleaning either because of dirt or animal hairs, the Renter will be changed a full cleaning of the car at minimum 150.00 EUR.


A copy of your voucher must be presented upon arrival at the rental station. Failure to present the voucher means the car rental agent may charge you at the local rates. Please note: We are not responsible for overcharges on rentals where the voucher was not presented to the local agent on collection of the vehicle. If you do not present the required documents, the documentation is not valid or you do not have enough funds on your credit card, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle and no funds will be reimbursed.

Methods of Payment / Preauthorization

As a form of payment and preauthorization, we accept the following credit cards: MasterCard and VISA. MasterCard and VISA debit cards and cash are only accepted for payment, not for preauthorization. Renter allows a deposit equal to the vehicle excess amount plus the estimated rental cost to be drawn from the credit card at the beginning of the rental to cover any excess/self-risk, fuel, penalties or any other unforeseen cost. Credit Cards used for preauthorization and payment must be in the driver's name.

Fuel Policy

Same to same: The car shall return with the same amount of fuel as rented at the pickup time, otherwise a refueling charge will be applied based on the public rates + 20.00 EUR refueling charge.

Optional Extras

Please note the price of optional extras is subject to change without notice. The optional extras are subject to availability and are paid locally.

Daily charge:

  • Booster / Baby seat / Infant seat: 4.20 EUR, max 28.00 EUR, VAT included
  • Sat. Navigator/GPS: 8.00 EUR, max 56.00 EUR, VAT included

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the correct use of baby seats/boosters.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers are allowed, at a cost of 3.50 EUR/day, VAT included. The vehicle should be used only by the renter or the additional drivers mentioned in the rental agreement.

Driver Age & Restrictions

The minimum age allowed for a driver is 19 years with the young driver surcharge and 25 without it. The maximum age is 72.

Young driver surcharge for drivers aged 19-20 years old: 10.00 EUR per day, 60.00 EUR per week, VAT included.

Young driver surcharge for drivers aged 21-24 years old: 5.00 EUR per day, 30.00 EUR per week, VAT included.

Young driver surcharge is not included in the rental price. It is paid in the local currency at the rental station.

Identifications Required

Drivers are required to present a valid passport/ID and driving license during Pickup. All drivers of vehicle should be holders of B-category driving license for 1 year at least. An international driving licence or an official translation according to the requirements of the Greek law is additionally required if the driving licence is not written in Latin or Cyrillic characters.

In the event that a customer arrives at the rental desk without the necessary documentation as stated above, the booking will be cancelled. In these cases, there will be no refund.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Renter’s liability (excess) for damages to the rented vehicle varies from 700.00 to 2000.00 EUR, depending on the car category. In addition to the excess amount, an Administration fee of 72.00 EUR will be charged. In case of total vehicle loss, the renter's liability depends on the car group; more information can be found on the rental agreement. CDW does not cover wheels, tyres, the underneath of the car and damages of interior accessories. The Renter will be responsible for full amount of repair cost/full vehicle value in case of vehicle total loss if the damage has been caused by an act of negligence, caused under influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances or insurance company classifies accident as a non-insurance case /serious traffic rules violation. The Renter is liable to pay full amount of the repair costs of the rented vehicle in case an accident or substantial damage has not been duly reported to the police and Royal Rentals, plus 60.00 EUR per day for each day the car is restrained for repairs.

Theft Protection (TP)

Renter’s liability in case of theft of vehicle or its parts varies from 700.00 to 2000.00 EUR, depending on the car category, plus the Administration fee 72.00 EUR, see rental agreement. In case the keys, remote control and/or registration certificate are stolen, the car Renter will be responsible for the vehicle up to full value thereof.

CDW with Reduced Excess

By accepting and paying an additional fee from 3.00 to 9.00 EUR per day, depending on the car category, the Renter's liability for damages is reduced to 150.00 - 350.00 EUR, plus the Administration fee 72.00 EUR. CDW with reduced excess does not cover wheels, tyres, the underneath of the car, damages of interior accessories, nor does it provide cover in case of negligence, for damages caused under influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances. Neither does it waive any liability in case of theft of the vehicle.

Super Collision and Damage Waiver (SCDW)

By accepting and paying an additional fee from 6.00 to 13.00 EUR per day, depending on the car category, the Renter's liability for damages is the Administration fee 72.00 EUR. SCDW does not cover wheels, tyres, the underneath of the car, damages of interior accessories nor does it provide cover in case of negligence, for damages caused under influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances. Neither does it waive any liability in case of theft of the vehicle.

WUG (Wheels, Undercarriage and Glass Coverage):

WUG insurance is available at 3.50 EUR per day from the rental station. It covers damages to wheels, glasses and the underneath of the car.

If you purchase Excess Cover Insurance or similar services from a third party, the credit card holder will be required to present his/her credit card at the rental desk in order for the car rental agent to authorize the deposit. The credit card used should be owned by the driver of the car.

CDW and TP will not apply if the terms of the rental have been broken. No insurance covers damages caused as a result of infringement of Road Code Circulation or breach of the Rental Agreement's Terms and Conditions. The Accident Statement/Report should always be supplemented so that the insurances' covers will be in effect.

Third Party Liability Insurance

  • Maximum of approx. 1,220,000.00 EUR for personal injury.
  • Maximum of approx. 1,220,000.00 EUR for property damages.
  • Liability insurance included in all rates.

Roadside Assistance

Breakdown cover is included in our rates. Relevant contact details and roadside assistance procedures will be given prior to the commencement of the rental. Dependent on the circumstances, we reserve the right not to provide a replacement vehicle. Road assistance may not available for renters who used a ferry boat without written permission by Royal Rentals.

Transport via Ferry

Ferry use is not allowed without permission. If you wish to use a ferry boat, please let us know at the time of pickup. Customers should inform the local office about the island they intend to visit. Use of ferry without notice is forbidden; it is considered as negligence that voids the insurance and the renter must pay a penalty of 300.00 EUR.
Please note that damages while ferrying the vehicle are not covered by any insurance and the customer is responsible for the full cost of the repair.

Cross Border

Driving outside Greece is forbidden.

Opening Hours & Out of Hours Service

Most offices are open from 08:00 to 22:00. Rental stations may be closed for pickups and returns on public holidays. Please check at time of booking with the local office or by visiting our web page.

Out of Hours reservations will incur a cost of 15.00 EUR VAT included.

Delayed Collections

In the event that a customer experiences flight delays and no flight number is provided then the availability of the vehicle is not guaranteed after the grace period and the rental station may close without notice. Reservations from 08:00 until 22:00 will be held for 2 hours from the specified reservation time after which they will be classified as a No-Show. If a client arrives after this time then a vehicle is not assured. We will do everything possible to provide a vehicle. This may include offering a different vehicle and rates may be different to the original booking. Grace period for late or early bookings (22:01 until 07:59) is 1 hour.
If no flight number is provided then the reservation will be held for 2 hours or until the office closes. Staff will not wait after closing time where no flight number is provided.
No refunds will be given for rentals ended early, late pick ups of rental car, no shows or cancellations made after the rental start date and time.

Late Returns

A vehicle is rented for a contracted period as detailed on the rental agreement. There is a grace period of 59 minutes at the end of a rental after which an extra day rental will automatically be charged. After this grace period Royal Rentals will classify the booking as a late return and additional charges will apply. The prevailing daily rate will apply and will include any billable optional extras such as baby seats, additional drivers or damage waivers. The charge will be applied to the card used for security deposit or payment at the start of the rental.


Reservation amendments must be requested in writing, fax or email at least 48 hours prior to the start of your rental. Please note that telephone amendments will not be accepted. An amendment request is not assured and amendments may be treated as a new booking.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations made 8 full and more days prior to the rental date and hour your full down payment is refunded to the same card you paid for your reservation.

For cancellations made 168 hours (7 full days) prior to the rental date and hour start, the 50% of your down payment is refunded to the same card you paid for your reservation.

For cancellations made less than 168 hours (7 full days) prior to the rental date and hour start, the down payment is NOT refunded.

All cancellations are made through the MODIFY RESERVATION link on our website. Cancellations by phone are not accepted and not refunded.

Delivery and Collection

Hotel delivery and collection service is available within normal opening hours and it is free within 15kms distance of our rental stations. Please contact us for details.

One-Way Rentals/Drop Off in Different Station

One-way fee for rentals between Chania & Heraklion airports is 25.00 EUR.

There is a standard rate sheet for the most popular one-way rentals. Please contact us for further information.

Rental Extensions

Please note that it may not always be possible for the rental station to extend the rental. Where the station agrees to the extension, the rental will be charged at the prevailing rate which may be higher or lower than the original booking rate.

If renter wants to prolong the rental period of vehicle, he has to notify to the local office in writing at least 24 hours before the end of the period to receive the respective written approval. If he fails to do so he will have both civil and penal liability for illegal use and possession of vehicle.

Non-Authorized Rental Extension

For unauthorized extension of the rental, there is a penalty of 200.00 EUR above the rental charge. Royal Rentals reserves the right to refuse future service to that customer.

Animals in Our Vehicles

We request that no animals are transported in our vehicles unless contained. A valeting fee may be applied to rectify any soiling due to animal transportation.


In case of an accident or other incident, renter or additional driver should immediately inform Royal Rentals. If there is a third party, renter must also call the police. Renter must bring the Police report to the local office if there is a damage or a missing/stolen car part. The police report should be completed and sent to local office up to 24 hours after the accident/incident.

Royal Rentals will replace the damaged car with a similar one depending on availability and the distance from the closest station. If the accident occurred due to customer's fault/negligence, the local office will charge immobilization charge and car replacement fee, loss of use, administration fee or/and towing and transfer of the vehicle. The above charges may exceed the corresponding CDW excess amount and are not refundable.

Immobilization Fee

Cost of immobilization of a vehicle. Immobilization charges will occur if a car replacement or car inspection was made due to customer's negligence and not due to break down of the rented car.

Technical Fault

In case a vehicle suffers from a technical fault or damage, which is due to misuse, negligence or other caused by the renter, the renter is liable for the direct and potential indirect repair costs in full. If the car is under warranty, the car renter is only liable for the related costs, which are not covered and compensated to Royal Rentals by the warranty.

Fines, Penalties and Administration Charges

It is the responsibility of each renter to cover the cost of any parking fines and traffic violations including but not limited to unpaid tolls and Congestion Charges. When fines or traffic violations occur and a Royal Rentals office is involved in administering the violation, an administration fee will be charged.
Administration fee: 40.00 EUR, VAT included (non waiverable fee).


(1) The Renter is fully responsible for all traffic and parking fines obtained during the rental and any other breach of law and its consequences.
(2) If the fines described in paragraph (1) above are paid by Royal Rentals, the Renter will be charged the full amount of the penalty, plus a handling fee.
(3) In case of lost car documents Renter will be charged 150.00 EUR plus 50.00 EUR per day when the car cannot be used; maximum 500.00 EUR.
(4) In case of lost car keys Renter will be charged 250.00 EUR plus 50.00 EUR per day when the car cannot be used; maximum 500.00 EUR.
(5) If rental company receives request from police about driver`s details, the renter will be charged 15.00 EUR for every request without additional notice.

General Terms

All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions. Greek law applies to agreements made on the basis of the terms cited above. The VAT for most regions of Greece is 24%.

Motorbike Rental Terms


For a motorbike/ATV rental, a driver’s license must be in effect and issued at least (1) one year prior to the rental date. For the EU citizens a national driving license is required and for non - EU citizens an international license is required. Please take into consideration that we do not accept provisional or temporary licenses, neither according to the Greek traffic law any of the motorbike categories cannot be driven with a car license only.

If we estimate that the driver is not safe for any reason (lack of driving skill or experience), we will refuse rental.

Motorcycle / Scooter Driving License Categories

  1. The 'AM' license category for A two-wheel moped with a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a maximum displacement of 50 cc. A RIDER must be over 16 years of age.
  2. The 'A1' license category FOR A motorcycle with a maximum engine capacity of 125 cc with a power of up to 11 kW. A RIDER must be over 18 years of age. Category 'A1' is also valid for driving vehicles of categories 'AM'.
  3. The 'A2' license category FOR a motorcycle with a maximum power of 35 kW, a maximum displacement of up to 400 cc. a RIDER must be at least 20 years of age. the license in question must not be the result of a modification of another motorcycle with an engine power greater than twice that of the modified motorcycle. Category 'A2' is also valid for driving vehicles of categories 'AM', 'A1'.
  4. The “A” category allows the rider to ride any motorcycle or motor tricycle with a power of more than 15KW. A RIDER must be at least 24 years of age. Category 'A' is valid for driving vehicles of categories 'AM', 'A1', 'A2'.

ATV / QUADS are subject to a category B license and over 20 years age.

IMPORTANT: For citizens from non-EU countries any of the motorbike categories require an international driving license in English with the endorsement. If a driver does not hold an original and valid license required as in this clause, a vehicle will not be delivered and Royal Rentals will not apply and refund.

Additional Driver:

Additional driver is allowed with a valid driver’s license AM, A1, A2 or A at the   additional daily charge of 5,00 eur. Τhe rules mentioned above also apply to a second driver.

Reservation procedure:

A reservation or request can be completed on our site. After your request is received, we will inform you by e-mail about availability and any other information you need to know before booking. A booking is confirmed once a deposit is prepaid online. You will receive a booking confirmation by email with the instruction for delivery.

IMPORTANT: When using our online booking platform, please read carefully our Terms and Conditions in order to avoid any inconveniences.


Our website prices include:

  • CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). With this coverage the insurance company covers damages that cost above the deductible amount. You should take into account that the deductible amount varies according to the vehicle category and is defined on our website in details.
  • third-party liability insurance (TPL). The Insurance company covers legal liabilities of a renter that arise due to the loss/damage caused by him/her to a third person body or property, due to unforeseen accidents or other incidents such as manmade/natural risks. TPL does not cover damages to the rented vehicle itself.
  • theft insurance
  • road assistance
  • free airport delivery
  • road map and unlimited mileage

Insurance options:

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) with reduced excess is also known as LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) it significantly reduces the deductibles if you do have an accident or there is damage to the hired vehicle. This is an optional insurance coverage but at the same time highly recommendable. It can be added during a booking process on our website. In this case the deductible amount varies according to the vehicle category but is defined on our website. The rental company may increase this amount with regard to the age of the driver or if it necessary for any other reason.

ATTENTION: The insurance protection does NOT apply in the following cases:

  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • driving on non-asphalt roads. Quad bikes are called All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) but driving off road requires special skills and knowledge of the terrain. There might be big holes or other hazards that are invisible therefore Royal Rentals does not permit off road driving for any vehicle and our insurance will not cover damages while off – road.
  • damages caused to the lower part (underneath) the motor-cycle, or to the tires and rims.
  • driving a vehicle by non-authorized driver who is not listed in the rental contract.
  • non reported damages to our station and not submitted the accident declaration, as required by the Greek law.
  • Loss/damage of keys will be fully charged to the renter up to its commercial value as well as the transportation cost

Fuel Policy:

The renter must return a motorcycle/ATV with the same level of fuel as it was at the time of the rental. In case a rented vehicle is returned with more fuel then received, we do not refund the difference. If it is returned in less quantity of fuel, the customer is charged the value of the missing fuel.

Traffic violations

All fines and administrative penalties are payable only by a renter


Luggage rack and top-case are available upon request. Royal rentals will inform you by email about the additional cost for accessories. We do not provide jackets and clothing for the motorcycles.


Helmets are provided free of charge and are mostly open-faced. In case a full-face and flip-up helmets are requested, we advise you to bring your own helmet for comfort.


In case a customer considers that Royal rentals has not met his/her expectations or needs, a complain should be reported to Royal Rentals by phone, so that we would investigate it and take an according action. Our phone number is remarked on a rental contract and it provides services from 08.30-22.30h every day. In case of a failure to follow the procedure, it may affect our ability to investigate a complaint and solve the problem, but also will affect your rights under the contract.

IMPORTANT: All the terms are valid after the signature of a rental agreement.