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Lasithi Plateau - Zeus Cave

Only few steps away from our resorts, is a place with legends, myths, history, culture and breathtaking nature, not touched by touristic development. The plateau of Lasithi is situated 850m high from sea level surrounded by Dikti mountains of 2148 meters height and 15 picturesque villages built around. This is a place where mainly potatoes, cherries and apples are cultivated. The water system was already made in Venetian period and 7000 windmills controlled it. On our way to the plateau, the first village we meet is the beautiful and traditional Mohos where we have a chance for coffee or a walk throw the picturesque small streets. Coming next the monastery Kera, famous for its frescoes and icons from the 13th and 14th century. A very historical monastery, which was very helpful to the Greek nation during the hard times of Turkish occupation. After the entrance into the plateau, we stop in village Psychro, where the Dikti cave is located. This cave is believed to be the birth place of Zeus, the father of the Greek gods in mythology. It's a beautiful cave with big stalactites and stalagmites a lot of interesting myths that you will have the chance to hear during this visit. Afterwards we drive though the several villages located around the plateau on the mountain side creating a marvelous view of the whole area. A very interesting visit is at Lasinthos Eco Park traditional made of stones farm, where we can see live the way that the traditional drink of Crete, Raki, is made how honey wine, olive oil and clothes are made in the villages and also animals of the Cretan flora at the zoo and many other things which will take your mind years ago. Finally we stop to a nice tavern for a lovely traditional Cretan meal. Don't miss this unforgettable trip in the heart of Cretan nature and culture.