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Gramvousa Island

Our voyage will start from the port of Kissamos – Kavonisi. You will enjoy a pleasant voyage close to the coastline. One the way you will notice the phenomenon of land elevation by 6 to 9 meters above sea level (dated since 2000 years ago). This is obvious in this part of Crete more than elsewhere on the island. We will arrive at the island of Imeri Gramvousa after one-hour sail. There you can visit the Venetian castle, which was built on the top of a steep rock at 137m above sea level and is reckoned as one of the impressive castles in Crete. You can reach the castle in approximately 15 minutes by a footpath. The spectacular view, the marvelous landscape and the legend of the pirates' hidden treasure is an attraction you cannot avoid to miss. Upon your return to the beach you will have enough time to swim in the crystal clear waters, while a freshly cooked meal will be under preparation on board. We will then depart for the lagoon of Balos, where we will arrive 15 minutes later. This is a shallow and warm water lagoon. The seabed there is of white sand and makes the waters have a shiny jade-like color. During your stay at Balos the boat's halls and the bar will be at your disposal. Have fun!