Frequently Asked Questions

What Information Will I Need To Book A Vehicle ?

  • The pick-up date, and time
  • The return date and time
  • Your personal contact details
  • A valid credit card to be used for the rental
  • Please note that if you need a car at very short notice we may need to check the availability first.

Do I Need To Pay A Deposit On My Reservation ?

Yes we charge a deposit at the time of reservation.

You will pay with a credit card when you book online. Remember that although your deposit has been paid, the main driver will still be required to have a credit card in their name on collection in order to pick up the car.

Please note that if your credit card has a PIN number, you will need the PIN number on collection.

Is A Credit Card Required To Book A Vehicle ?

Yes, you will be asked to enter a valid credit card number at the time of booking.

We then validate the card number entered.

I Do Not Have A Credit Card. Is It Possible To Rent A Car ?

In general you must have a credit card to rent a car. However, in certain cases a debit card may be accepted but always with prior authorisation. If you do not have a credit card, please contact us to offer you a solution.

Can I Pay For My Rental Using Cash ?

Yes, you can pay for your car hire using cash at the start of the rental upon a car delivery. However, you must present a credit card at pick-up. It is required to cover the contractual obligations and the Insurance Excess as covered in the Vehicle Rental Agreement. If you do not have a credit card but you do have a Visa or MasterCard debit card you can hire a car but you will need to reduce your insurance liability.

Can I Pay With The Credit Card Of A Person Who Is Not Present When I Collect The Car ?

No. The person paying for the vehicle must be a named driver on the contract and must be present in the local office when the vehicle is collected.

Do I Have To Leave A Deposit ?

If your booking has insurance with an excess, we will require this quantity (on your credit card) as a guarantee. If you prefer not to leave a deposit, you can get additional insurance coverage on collection of the car.

How Do I Know If My Booking Is Confirmed ?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

I Don’t Know My Flight Number. What Can I Do ?

If you don’t know your flight number, you can put TBA instead of a flight number and your valid mobile phone number. Please note that your flight number is especially important if you arrive late at night.

How Can I Cancel Or Modify My Booking ?

You can see the cancellation and amendment policy in the terms and conditions.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me When I Rent A Vehicle ?

You need bring your current driver licence (in English translation if applicable), your original passport or ID card and your valid credit card. If you have an International Driving licence you must also carry your current and valid driver licence.

Do I Need An International Driving Licence ?

If you do not have an EU licence you will also need an international driving licence.

Can I Collect A Car Out Of Office Hours ?

Out of hours collections are possible but are on request. Please note that there is a charge supplement for this service. You’ll find all the information on your rental voucher.

Where Do I Get The Car At The Airport ?

You will find all the information for your collect car in the confirmation email sent to you when you book.

Is It Possible To Pick Up The Car At The Hotel ?

Yes we do offer hotel deliveries. It’s important that you give us the name of a hotel when booking so our staff will meet with you there.

What Happens If I Delay To Collect My Car Than The Time On My Voucher ?

If your flight is delayed or you will be late, you must contact us. You can find our telephone numbers on your rental voucher. If so, we will keep the car for a certain amount of time and give you one hour’s grace. No refunds will be given if the rental company is not infomed after the lack of this time.

Are There Additional Charges For Returning A Car Late ?

Any unauthorised late return will be subject to a surcharge. The information you will find in your rental contract. Please contact us if you wish to prolongue your rental.

How Can I Extend My Booking Once I Have Picked Up The Car ?

It will depend on availability. In high season we cannot guarantee any extension, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. If you wish to extend your booking you will call us to our telephone number you will find on the rental contract. You will need to go to the local office to sign the contract extension in order to validate the insurance.

Can I Return My Car Earlier? Will I Receive A Refund ?

Should you decide to voluntarily return the vehicle prior to the expiry of a hire term, there will not be any amount to be refunded.

Can I Choose The Model Of The Vehicle ?

We do not confirm the certain model of the vehicle you will receive. We confirm only a category booked.

I Need To Reserve A Child Seat/Booster. How And When Do I Book One ?

You need to request this when making your booking according to the age of a child. If you have forgotten to book a child safety seat, please contact us and we will amend your booking.

Can I Take The Car From One Island To Another ?

No. Customers are not permitted to take the cars from one island to another.

Who Can Drive The Car ?

Only persons authorized as drivers on the hire contract can drive the car.

How Can I Change The Insurance Coverage I Have Selected On My Reservation ?

If you wish to change the insurance coverage you can contact us and we will help you to select the appropriate insurance option. You can also upgrade ut at a car pick-up time. We strongly recommend all renters take no excess Insurance Cover.

Can I Smoke In A Rental Vehicle ?

No. Smoking is not permitted in a rental vehicle. If the vehicle is returned smelling of cigarette / cigar smoke you will be liable for the full cost of cleaning.

Can I Take A Rental Vehicle Off-Road ?

The rental vehicles must not be operated off-road, on any beach, or driven on bush tracks. ALL vehicles (including 4WD vehicles) are prohibited from driving on ALL 4WD tracks.

What Should I Do If The Car Has A Breakdown ?

We provide our road assistance service for any vehicle breakdowns. In case of a breakdown please call us to the number on your rental contract. Give us your car registration plate number and provide the directions to help us locate you.

Please note that this policy is FREE for MECHANICAL breakdowns only. All other call outs will be subject to the relevant charges, eg lost or locked keys in the car, running out of fuel, refilling the vehicle with the incorrect fuel (i.e. putting diesel in instead of petrol), damage to wheels and/or tyres, a flat battery due to the ignition or lights being left on, a breakdown as a result of damage caused in an accident, including salvage etc.

What Method Do You Use To Collect Personal Information ?

We do not collect, rent, or sell personal information about you except for the information you enter when making a booking (such as your name, address, phone number or email address). We do not use or collect your precise geographic location.